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Most Americans are now aware that a lot of what we hear and see on national television news is not true. Most Americans are also aware that our country is facing some tough issues.

But despite being aware that the American press is untruthful and that the country has some very concerning problems, they likely do not realize how closely these two facts are related.

The founders of America gave the press tremendous freedom to say and write what they pleased. Their thought was that if the press were to be the watchdog of the government on behalf of the people the press had to have an unfettered right to criticize even if occasionally the press slanted or exaggerated their stories.

Over the years American courts made the rights of the free press even greater. More than fifty years ago a landmark Supreme Court case, New York Times vs Sullivan, opened the door to more cases and more case law that actually made it nearly impossible for so called “public figures” like myself to win a defamation lawsuit.

As a result the press reached the point of openly defaming “public figure” Americans. Public figure Americans being people well known to the public and not just publicly elected officials.

The free press abuse of the free press privileges our founders and our courts gave them has reached an unprecedented level of abuse. This abuse of free speech rights crossed the line of acceptability in the days leading up to the 2018 West Virginia primary election.

Former CEO of Massey Energy Company Don Blankenship Is The Constitution Party Nominee For U.S. President

Constitution Party Nominee for U.S. President and Former CEO of Massey Energy Company​, Don Blankenship joins Larry and Kevin to discuss the 2020 presidential race. 


Don 6Candidates for President of the United States have made lots of promises over the past six decades. A few of those promises have been kept. Kennedy did put a man on the moon and Reagan did prove that in the face of a strong America the Soviet Union would collapse. Yes, Neil Armstrong did make “a small step for man and one giant leap for mankind”; and Mikhail Gorbachev “did tear that wall down”.

But far more promises by candidates for President have gone unkept. Lyndon Johnson promised he would not send American troops to Vietnam but he did. Nixon promised to end the Vietnam War but he did not. Carter said he would end the energy crisis but he did not. Perhaps most flagrant George H. W. Bush said “read my lips, no new taxes”, and yet he raised taxes.

Most recently President Trump promised to “drain the swamp”. But the swamp is as big and as full as ever. Government spending has not only remained fully out of control it had gotten worse even before the virus pandemic was mishandled. The Department of Energy has not been eliminated it has instead gotten larger. So has every other government agency.

Americans enter this election cycle not knowing what to believe. The media which I call the Pinocchio Press and our own government are both propaganda machines. It seems that hardly anything we are told by either can be taken as gospel. All this brings us to why you should vote for me, Don Blankenship.

The reason is simple. I will “Put America Back on Track” and begin the process of keeping not just my promises but the promises of the other Presidential candidates, as well.

Let’s get this straight. President Trump wanted to require that Ukraine investigate Biden’s son for alleged corruption before giving Ukraine $400 million.

Former Vice President Joe Biden bragged that while Vice President he required Ukraine to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son before giving Ukraine a billion dollars.


Trump wants the alleged corruption investigated. Biden obviously does not want the alleged corruption investigated. The Democrats want to impeach Trump and then elect Joe Biden President.

Is this crazy or what? How can Democrats want to impeach the guy who wants the truth to be known and then elect the guy who does not want the truth to be known.

Do the Democrats intend to impeach Biden if he is elected for doing essentially what they claim to be impeaching President Trump for?

The fake news media needs to be impeached for incompetence, biased reporting, and for spreading former Soviet Union style propaganda. They are so blinded by their bias and self aggrandizing that they do not recognize nor report a real story when its right in front of them.

It’s the media and the politicians who are doing more to sabotage our democracy than the Russians or Ukrainians could ever hope to.

Congress and both major political parties are akin to RICOs and they should be recognized and treated as such. They are both as George Washington said more loyal to their Party than they are to America.

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The “JOKE OF THE DAY” was the Members of the US House of Representatives (in the impeachment hearings) expressing their grave concern about Ukrainian corruption.

Ukrainian political corruption is not nearly as lucrative as American political corruption, so you can bet that there is more American political corruption than Ukrainian.

Has anyone thought of the fact that our government spends more money every hour of every day than they gave Ukraine? Yes, that is every hour.

Funny too is that the act of corruption President Trump is accused of is that he “corruptly” called for an investigation of “corruption”.

The House is going to impeach the sitting President of the United States for requesting that alleged corruption involving a former United States Vice President be investigated.

If all you have to do to avoid being investigated for corruption is to declare that you are a candidate for US President, maybe we all should declare that we are a Presidential Candidate.

WILLIAMSON, W. Va. -- Don Blankenship, Constitution Party candidate for President of the United States, released the following policy position today.

Constitution Party Presidential candidate Don Blankenship announced today that as President of the United States he will declare a “war on government corruption”—corruption, which often comes from excessive control by a single or a few government officials. Corruption which is more common in a dictatorship form of government versus in a government controlled by the people, such as was envisioned by America’s founders.

Blankenship said, “We Americans will not be able to end or even to reduce the massive government corruption in our government until we end the stranglehold that the political parties and their leaders have on government policy and lawmaking. A stranglehold that I believe results in problems such as the opiate drug epidemic. A stranglehold that can also result in lucrative financial arrangements with foreign governments for privileged government officials and their family members.”

One often recommended solution to excessive control being placed in the hands of lifetime politicians has been term limits and America definitely needs Congressional term limits. Unfortunately, term limits require a difficult to achieve Constitutional amendment.

But there is something else which can be done to prevent politicians from being able to become lifetime Congressional members even while ignoring America’s best interest. It can be done without a Constitutional amendment. That something involves ending the domination of the Republican and Democratic parties over our elections.

“This week, President Trump announced that his campaign committee had sued the New York Times. The suit alleges that the Times defamed the President in a March 2019 article and thereby interfered in his upcoming re-election campaign."

The lawsuit, according to Blankenship, “claims that the Times sought to damage the President’s campaign when it published an article in March of last year. The lawsuit claims that the Times article insinuated that the Trump campaign had cut a deal with the Russians. Specifically, the Trump campaign lawsuit says that the Times article is false when it says a deal was cut wherein the Russians would help President Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Blankenship continued, “as a prior candidate for a US Senate seat I can sympathize with the President, but his lawsuit pales in comparison to the one I have filed against the President’s son, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and dozens of national media outlets.” 

corona virusOur government loves to create crises and then claim they will save us from those crises. They currently want us to see them as “our compassionate saviors” as they rush to return a small portion of our taxes to us as we suffer from a deadly pandemic caused by the “China Virus”. Our government is unable to give Americans the medicines they need and instead they are attempting to placate us with a little money.

The virus has caused politicians to suddenly realize that our drugs, ie our medicines, come from China. Our Senators are now telling us they are anxious to fix that crisis for us as well. It does not even dawn on them that they created the crisis. Politicians and Fox news who for years have called China a “key trading partner” are now calling China a “liar”, a “propagandist”, and a bunch of communist mobsters.

Americans need to be aware that it is not just prescription drugs that we rely on China to provide us. We rely on China for an estimated four billion pounds of our food each year, only a small percent of which is even inspected. Our cars, our games, and in some cases even our military depends on China products. Many American jobs and resultantly their livelihoods have been exported to China.

Don Blankenship has confirmed that he is a Candidate for the Constitution Party nomination for President of the United States.

Don chose today, Veterans Day, to make his announcement in recognition of America’s Veterans. Veterans who sacrificed for the Human Rights that are guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution. Don chose the Constitution Party because it is dedicated to protecting those Human Rights which so many Veterans made the ultimate sacrifice to defend. Rights which today’s politicians and courts are threatening to take away at every opportunity.


Don Blankenship has lived the vast majority of his life in West Virginia. However, he has lived in many regions of the United States including the Deep South, the West, the Midwest, and the Rockies. He currently maintains homes in both West Virginia and Nevada. Don understands the diversity of America and he recognizes both the resulting opportunities that our country must take advantage of and the resulting challenges our country must deal with.

A self-made businessman, Don climbed the ranks of a coal company named Massey Energy and became the company President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Don took the company public and what had been a small coal company was later sold for seven billion dollars. As the company grew, Don oversaw the mining of more coal in Central Appalachia than anyone in history.

In addition to Blankenship’s professional business success, he was the major influencer behind the conservative takeover of West Virginia politics, as both a donor and strategist.

George Washington warned us about political parties. Today’s vote by the US House of Representatives to begin an impeachment inquiry of President Trump is further evidence that Washington’s warning needs to be heeded as the two Parties seek to damage each other versus doing what is best for America.

The impeachment inquiry vote was nearly a pure party line vote with only two of 435 House Members not voting with their Party. The Party line vote makes clear that the House Members are “not thinking for themselves” nor “about our country”. Instead Members of Congress vote as if they were a herd of sheep with Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Leader Steve Scalise barking at their heels like Border Collies.

Political Party leaders keep their members in line and control their votes by controlling funding for their future campaigns. They do this through Party PACs such as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The result is that the only opinion that matters is the opinion of the Democrat and Republican Parties’ Leaders.

Simply put, Members of Congress vote how they are told to vote by Political Party Leaders so that their campaign will be funded next year.

Below is a summary from WIKIPEDIA which explains Washington’s view of Political Parties as expressed in his Farewell Address.




The above Pelosi clip essentially explains what the politicians did to sabotage the West Virginia US Senate Republican Primary election last year. They put out lies; then the media reports the lies; and then the politicians use the lies as if they were facts based on the media reports. In other words they smear and defame people and the media helps them do it.

Below is an excerpt from one of the several Don Blankenship court filings that were submitted to the Southern West Virginia Federal Court Monday night, September 30, 2019. It's just a short introduction to the filing and a partial list of who on Fox called me a felon around election time last year. It was their smear campaign.

You may have noticed that the media and the politicians have now gone to radio silence because they are afraid to say anymore. Actually they have gone to radio, television, newspaper, and blog silence. The media is more or less a fourth branch of our government.

All of this just FYI for those of you who are interested . . .

donaldToday my attorneys filed a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump Jr. for his role in spreading what President Trump calls “fake news”. Trump Jr’s actions to defame me were likely part of a Republican Party Leader conspiracy to sabotage a federal election for a seat in the United States Senate. Specifically, the campaign to defame me took place around the nationally televised Fox News debate when it became apparent that I was on the verge of winning the 2018 West Virginia Republican Primary election.

The conspiracy was likely outlined in a “Republican Committee” to-do list which one Republican official called a “menu list” to stop Blankenship. Trump Jr sent his defaming tweets immediately following his having met with this Republican Committee in Miami, Florida on May 3rd.

As President Trump often reminds us the “fake news” and elite members of the “swamp” have made it commonplace to outright lie, slander and defame those of us who dare to express our views. President Trump gets particularly upset when this “fake news” is directed toward him. He should be equally upset when it is directed toward other Americans, particularly when it is part of sabotaging an American election.

Constitution Party Mission

The mission of the Constitution Party is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election, at all levels of government, of Constitution Party candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions.

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