• Don Blankenship

Don Blankenship responds to reporter's mocking of 'And For The Sake Of The Kids'

It seems no one in the swamp sees any problem with the United States Senate Majority Leader’s Family ship carrying Cocaine while 62,000 Americans are dying each year from drug overdoses.

If it was your families ship you can bet the swamp and the FBI would not be joking about it. Cocaine Mitch apparently has lots of friends that like Mitch does not care that our kids are being killed by drugs from the same country his family ship came from —China

For the Sake of the Kids Mitch McConnell and his friends should stop joking about China ships that are carrying Cocaine even if they own them. Or especially if they own them.

Also the Swamp and McConnell may not care that American children are dying everyday because China drugs come by ship to America but Normal Americans do.

Fact. More Americans died last year from drug overdoses than died in the entire 20 years of the Vietnam War.

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