• Don Blankenship

Letter Requesting Legislature Investigate Patrick Morrisey

Constitution Party nominee for U.S. Senate, Don Blankenship, sent the below letter today to West Virginia legislative leaders, Senate President Mitch Carmichael and Speaker Tim Armstead. The letter requests an investigation into actions taken by Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and the West Virginia legislature. It also serves as a FOIA request for any communication between the Office of the Attorney General and members and staff of the Legislature regarding election law legislation that was passed during the 2018 legislative session. Separately, Blankenship’s attorneys will be filing a brief in the near future to challenge the West Virginia Secretary of State’s decision to not put Mr Blankenship on the ballot in the upcoming November election. Mr. Blankenship is confident that he will be allowed to be on the ballot this fall and the people of West Virginia will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate for U.S. Senate who is a proven job creator, who has no ties to Planned Parenthood, who is a true West Virginian and who will fight to keep drugs out of our communities. Voters need to fully consider who the person is that the Republicans are trying to keep off of the ballot: That person is the person who until the final days of the 2018 primary election was leading in the polls by 8 to 18 points; the person who resurrected the Republican Party; the person who is perhaps the most recognized name in WV; the person who oversaw the mining of more coal than anyone in the history of the area; the person who created tens of thousands of well-paying jobs in West Virginia; the person whose free speech (according to federal government prosecutor claims in federal court) troubles the United States; a person who federal government prosecutors say should be more harshly treated because of his free speech; the best hope the Constitution Party will ever have of establishing itself as a major party in WV; the person who has had state election law legislation referenced as the Don Blankenship law; the person who government officials have said they hope gets rammed by a rhinoceros horn; the person who overturned a law based on Constitutional grounds that legalized trespassing in WV; a person who was imprisoned following a “misdemeanor” conviction without being allowed time to appeal; a person who has charged by federal prosecutors with three felonies but who was found not guilty of all three even though he did not put on a defense; a person whose public campaign stopped Joe Manchin and every state legislator and association from putting West Virginia five-billion dollars in debt; a person whose campaign led to elimination of the tax on voters food; a person who is the only conservative to defeat Joe Manchin in a public vote; a person whose mine safety innovations have been put into use in mines of all types worldwide and into law in West Virginia and the United States; a person who funded a campaign that elected the first Republican State Supreme Court Justice in more than 80-years, even though no one thought the candidate had any chance of winning; and the only candidate who has not and never will take one dollar from the pharmaceutical industry. West Virginians should not be denied their right to have an equal opportunity to vote for Don Blankenship.

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