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Charleston, WV—Don Blankenship will file his official paperwork with the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office tomorrow for his candidacy for U.S. Senate as a member of the Constitution Party. Mr. Blankenship does not expect the filing to be certified and will vigorously challenge the denial through all legal means necessary. Mr. Blankenship fully expects to be on the ballot this November. The political establishment cannot retroactively enact laws that prohibit individuals who become members of some political parties from being on the ballot while allowing individuals who become members of other political parties to be on the ballot. This is what the Communist or Nazi party would do and is a perfect example of political party behavior that violates an American's guaranteed right to equal opportunity. It is a clearly discriminatory law and exactly what George Washington warned of in his farewell address. WHO: Don Blankenship, Constitution Party nominee for U.S. Senate WHAT: Official filing with the West Virginia Secretary of State WHEN: Tuesday, July 24th at 1:30 p.m WHERE: West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office at the West Virginia State Capitol Members of the media are encouraged to attend.

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