• Don Blankenship

Republican Party's Washington, DC Swamp Creatures Surface in West Virginia

The Republican Party swampers in Washington have come to the surface to oppose my candidacy for the U.S. Senate. They are swamp creatures who pretend to be conservatives but are instead liberal big spenders. We welcome the fact that they are showing themselves to be what they truly are.

What they are is out of touch. They are old school liberals who waste our money, fund Planned Parenthood instead of the border wall, and hold back Trump’s “America First Agenda.” All of this is proof that they are spineless bureaucrats.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is likely lying when he says he fears I will not be able to defeat Joe Manchin in the fall. If he is not lying, he certainly has no idea what the political realities are in West Virginia. The Never Trump movement has turned into the Never Blankenship movement. Trump supporters should remember that McConnell said he would “drop Trump like a rock.” McConnell also tried to block Trump’s convention nomination after Trump won the Republican primary.

McConnell needs to check out the facts. Joe Manchin’s favorable rankings have collapsed. Manchin abandoned West Virginians. He abandoned National Right to Life. He abandoned the National Rifle Association. He misled President Trump several times, including on Obamacare and the tax cut for nearly all West Virginians.

Worst of all, Manchin displayed his cowardice at the State of the Union in the presence of Chuck Schumer, which was an embarrassment to all West Virginians. McConnell may also not know that I have beaten Joe Manchin every time that I have challenged his political positions in the past, but West Virginians do know that. My dog could beat Joe Manchin this fall.

Unlike Joe Manchin, I will not cower from Schumer or McConnell. McConnell should not be in the U.S. Senate, let alone be the Republican Majority Leader. He is a Swamp captain. He does not understand that it is past time for Congress to put our country above politics and self-interest.

McConnell and Schumer remind me of pro-wrestlers. They act like they are fighting one another but actually they are just entertaining us while they are taking our money. The Russians and McConnell should both stop interfering with elections outside their jurisdictions.

The media, McConnell and others also like to spread the rumor that my candidacy is akin to that of Roy Moore. This is nonsense. Roy Moore’s accusers were women and teenage girls. My accusers are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I was imprisoned for a misdemeanor based on false charges and a political prosecution. This followed Obama appointees blowing up a coal mine. The current investigation into my prosecution will bring that truth to light.

The federal budget debt has grown by 20 trillion dollars since McConnell first became a Senator. That means that under McConnell’s term The Swamp has racked up 92 percent of our total debt.

West Virginians are aware that McConnell cannot vote in their election. They want him to mind his own business and do his job. A job he has not done now for over 30 years. Balance the budget Mitch and stay out of West Virginia.

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