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Don Blankenship Explains New Ad, Attorneys To Motion For Misdemeanor Verdict To Be Invalidated

The media for many years has caused people to think that Don Blankenship was tried for having caused the Upper Big Branch Mine (UBB) explosion. But Don was not tried for the explosion because if he had of been the government feared he would have proven that MSHA caused the explosion. We had this new ad produced to help clarify what Don was actually tried for.

It is common practice for companies to put out a press release following a tragedy. The Investor Relations Department at Massey Energy Company initiated and wrote a letter doing just that after the UBB explosion. The President of the company normally signs such letters once internal and external attorneys have reviewed and approved the letter. Several expert specialty attorneys approved the Massey letter that was then mailed out to shareholders and the public. Once approved Don signed it as it was written.

The letter contained the statement “we always strive to comply with mine safety laws.” The letter did not cause any action or complaint by the Security and Exchange Commission or the shareholders. Four and a half years later, the Obama prosecutors indicted Don saying the statement, i.e. the sentence was false.

The sentence was not false. Don did not write it. Don did not edit it. Don hardly paid any attention to it knowing that several attorneys had approved it and that he was fully engaged in dozens of after tragedy chores. Nevertheless, Obama prosecutors charged Don with two crimes for the sentence saying the company always strived to comply with safety laws. The charges, if found guilty, would have resulted in incarceration in a federal prison based on that single sentence.

After a two month trial a jury found that Don was not guilty of either of the two charges.

Don believes that more information about the nature of his trial will be forthcoming over the next few months. We now know that a large quantity of documents were withheld by the prosecutors that they were required to turn over to Don’s attorneys. Also documents show that the Mine Health and Safety Administration (MSHA) shredded documents. Additionally the governments own prosecution witnesses testified about MSHA destroying and hiding documents.

Tomorrow Don’s attorneys will be filing a motion with the court to ultimately get the misdemeanor verdict against him invalidated. There is no way to predict the timing of any decision, but Don’s attorneys tell him that they expect the case will likely be nullified or dismissed or whatever legal term is appropriate.

Feel free to share this ad with your friends. We will run it on TV in the near future.

The media’s fake news is a discredit to the journalist profession. Some journalists have no standards at all. Don invented more mine safety equipment enhancements than anyone in the world over his 30 year mining career. The year prior to the explosion Massey became the only company ever to win three MSHA Sentinel of Safety Awards in a single year. Ninety-three percent of Massey miners considered Massey to be the safest coal company they ever worked for.

Lies about Don do not serve any good for West Virginia or its miners. Once the truth comes out the media will hardly report on it. But hopefully we can use the truth to improve miner safety.

Don is doing his best to win this election so that he can make West Virginia a better place and save our country from those who through their Ignorance and evilness have endangered its very existence. He would appreciate your vote and support.

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