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Blankenship to President Trump: Morrisey and Jenkins Are Establishment, Career Politicians

Today, Don Blankenship thanked President Trump for his visit to West Virginia to highlight the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Blankenship supports this, and all of President Trump’s efforts, to improve our state and national economies and to put America first. Blankenship also agrees with President Trump that Senator Manchin too often sides with Washington liberals and votes against the best interests of working West Virginians.

According to Blankenship, many in the DC establishment believe the best way to beat Joe Manchin is to find someone exactly like him and run that person as a Republican. “Voters in West Virginia don’t want Joe Manchin-lite anymore than they want Joe Manchin” said Blankenship. “Trying to trick voters by dressing up a candidate like Evan Jenkins with the same principles and failed policy positions of Joe Manchin smacks of the swamp logic that voters all acrooss America are rejecting”

Blankenship continued, “President Trump rightfully told voters that Joe Manchin is all talk and votes no on basically everything that will help move our state forward” Blankenship said. “I am the only person in this race who can and will beat Joe Manchin in November. I strongly oppose Joe Manchin and his policies that led West Virginia to last in jobs, lowest in pay and among the worst in education. I am not afraid to tell Joe Manchin I disagree with him and I believe voters want someone who will stand with President Trump and against the DC establishment” said Blankenship.

Blankenship believes it is important to remind voters that both Patrick Morrisey and Evan Jenkins are career politicians willing to say and do anything to get elected and neither is capable of defeating Joe Manchin in November.

“Evan Jenkins has run for office in West Virginia 10 times, including 7 times as a liberal Democrat. He supported Hillary Clinton, he supported John Kerry, he supported Obamacare and he supported Joe Manchin – it will be impossible for Evan Jenkins to beat Joe Manchin in November, because they are exactly alike – we may as well call him Little Joe Manchin” said Blankenship.

“And Patrick Morrisey is acting a lot like Joe Manchin too. He and Manchin both want voters to believe they are strong supporters of Donald Trump, but neither one of them publicly supported Donald Trump in his primary election for President of the United States and only became supporters when they realized Trump would win West Virginia with 70% of the vote” said Blankenship. “Even worse, both Manchin’s and Morrisey’s families make huge profits from big drug companies, while telling West Virginia voters they are working to fight our state’s drug abuse problem. Both Manchin and Morrisey have close ties to Planned Parenthood, a group that pays for abortions, while telling voters they are pro-life” Blankenship said.

Voters in West Virginia are tired of politics as usual and they are tired of the DC establishment telling them who they can and can’t vote for. They want more jobs and a stronger economy. They want to end the drug abuse epedimic that is crippling our state. They want stronger immigration laws and they want to build the wall. Its time for the career politicians and establishment of Manchin/Jenkins/Morrisey to say good-bye so we can get West Virginia moving again.

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