• Don Blankenship

Evan Jenkins' Political Friends

Evan Jenkins, like most career politicians, has had to change his loyalties as West Virginia has turned Republican. But he did not likely do so because his beliefs changed, but rather because if he did not he could not win the 2014 Congressional race.

The ad shows Nick Rahall talking during a debate with Jenkins in 2014 just after Evan had criticized Obamacare and Obama in the debate. Rahall then says he received support from Jenkins even after Jenkins knew of Rahall’s support for both Obama and Obamacare. The graphic notes that Rahall was then Chairman of the group Arab Americans for Obama.

Now Jenkins wants to be our Republican Senator and claims he is for coal. Why would he support enemies of coal such as Rahall while Rahall is supporting the war on coal? Jenkins even ran an ad during his campaign suggesting that Rahall was a bad guy because he owned Massey stock.

These career politicians change with the wind but my conservative values are unchanged.

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