• Don Blankenship

Blankenship Challenges Patrick Morrisey to Golden Horseshoe Test

Don Blankenship, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former CEO of Massey Energy Company, issues a Golden Horseshoe test challenge to New Jersey/Washington D.C. native Patrick Morrisey.

It is appalling that Patrick Morrisey, who moved to West Virginia a few years ago to run for public office after losing a congressional race in his home state of New Jersey and lobbying for big pharmaceutical companies in D.C., to say I am not a West Virginian.

I grew up and was educated in West Virginia. I have created thousands of jobs across West Virginia. While Patrick Morrisey was losing a New Jersey congressional campaign, lobbying for drug companies, and his wife’s lobbying firm was fighting for Planned Parenthood, I was leading the Republican takeover of West Virginia.

I challenge Morrisey to a Golden Horseshoe test. The Golden Horseshoe test, challenges students knowledge on West Virginia citizenship, civics and government, economics, geography, history and current events.

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