Don Blankenship for President
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Don Blankenship

Father * Constitutionalist * Candidate
I am Don Blankenship and I want to thank you for visiting my
campaign website and taking the time to learn more about me
and my running mate William Mohr.

I am running for office for one reason: To let people know how
dire the American situation is and what things must be done to
fix it.

We cannot survive as a country if we do not change the
behavior of our government led by
partisan Republicans and Democrats.

We need a THIRD WAY.
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Below is the latest from Don Blankenship.

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I have a Third Way Plan for America that has three principles:

Don 6EQUALITY – We must remove all laws that discriminate, provide privilege or imply that all Americans are not equal. Public figures must be allowed to openly discuss these problems if we are to fix them. Being concerned about the challenges of governing a diverse population and expressing ideas about the facts and what must be done to meet those challenges must be allowed to happen. Calling people who speak publicly about the diversity issues racists will not fix the problem.

ETHICS – We must return to a nation of laws. The laws on the books are not themselves the major issue. Illogical rulings by judges who refuse to follow legal statutes and never face oversight while sitting on the bench for lifetime appointments are a problem. We must hold Members of Congress to at least as strict compliance with the law as we do American businesses and businessmen. Conflicts of interest, improper behavior, and waste cannot be tolerated.

EXACTNESS – Americans must be made aware that they cannot rely on the media for truthful information. The media is simply an extension of the two major political parties. Political parties are in partnership with corporate media empires that all seek to divide Americans with untruths. Corporations need to exert less control over American media organizations so that we have more access to truthful sources. Corporate support of Congress and their PACs hide the truth in America and what Congress does to harm average Americans.

Americans must stand up for right versus wrong, not Republican versus Democrat. If we follow my THIRD WAY we can get back to solving problems for ordinary Americans, instead of worrying if it makes the two major political parties and their corporate media sponsors happy.

Join with me and my campaign to find solutions for America. Join our THIRD WAY.

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Don Blankenship's Responses in the Debate

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation hosted a debate in Denver a week ago.
Here are the questions presented to Don Blankenship and his responses.

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The whole story. Find out why corrupt union leaders, Democrat bureaucrats, and environmental

leftists all hate Don Blankenship. And why America needs his Third Way in 2020.

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