American Political Prisoner

The American Political Prisoner

Over the past thirty years I have been threatened with death several times: had urine thrown on me: had eleven bullet holes shot into my office: had two cars smashed with ball bats and clubs while I was in them: been continually lied about: been the subject of several false books: been branded with multiple derogatory names: been sued numerous times: been slandered on national television many times: been subjected to continued ridicule by newspapers: been falsely accused of causing the Upper Big Branch (UBB) tragedy: been falsely arrested: endured a trial where I faced thirty years in prison for made up charges, and been put in federal prison for a misdemeanor.

All Americans deserve a fair trial, and not one like I had. It is right to do this booklet because coal miner safety is more important than political correctness.

Read the information and watch the videos below to begin to understand the truth about The American Political Prisoner. Then, visit the American Political Prisoner website and download the booklet I published while in prison.

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Prior to Don Blankenship’s sentencing, dozens of people wrote to Judge Irene Berger in support of his character. These letters were written by friends, former employees, colleagues, and even those who are diametrically opposed to Don’s political mindset. Below is a list of links to copies of some of these letters.

Vilam Martinez

Todd Case

Sharon Buckingham

Raymond Horton

Ray Bradbury

Pauletta Case

Morgan Massey

Mark Clemens

Lindsey Case

Linda Bearley

John Marcum

Jimmy Brock

Jeremy Howard

Jada Hunter

Gary Rash

Eugene Kitts

David Kramer

Coal Miner

Carol McCoy

Prosecution Team Member Bob Hissam – Charges against Don Blankenship were brought for “tactical reasons” and were “creative lawyering.”

Senator Manchin States the “Don has Blood on His Hands.”

Obama states “this tragedy was triggered by a failure of management” before investigation.