Lardieri Vents About Joe Main

DISCLAIMER:     This video is posted here to provide viewers an opportunity to see how MSHA, the government and Joe Main’s actions are viewed by at least one working coal miner.   Unfortunately, the coal industry itself has been unwilling to stand up for their miners and as with anything so egregious as is the idling of dust scrubbers in a coal mine the frustration of working miners is at a boiling point.  Perhaps the industry, Joe Main, Joe Manchin, and the other politicians will listen to a miner even though they have ignored NIOSH, my personal efforts and the facts now for over five years.  At least Joe Manchin will have to say something other than what he has said thus far.   What he has said to-date is “I didn’t know that-I will find out”.  It’s been a year since he said that and yet he has done nothing nor has Shelley Moore Capito or the industry.   

Safety slogans and statements such as ” safety first” and “our most important resource is our employees” are just slogans if no action is taken to turn the scrubbers back on and protect the miners.  While I do not agree with some of Lardieri’s comments he is speaking out and we applaud him for doing so.



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