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Most every country in the world, in one way or another, benefits from a strong, healthy America. All Americans, and in fact all the world, are stakeholders in our country. It is America, and Americans, that have led the world's progress in the improvement of people's quality of life...

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  • General Update

  • The work on the next documentary continues.  My hope is that it will bring a new perspective to the miserable condition of our country's finances and to why American workers have so little to celebrate on Labor Day.   Most importantly the documentary will make clear who is at fault.  This past week I attended several seminars to gather information for the documentary. The UBB Never Again docume[...]
  • Fixing Big Coal Blues

  • Public coal company stock prices are very depressed today when compared to what they have been at times over the past decade. Most of the conversations among coal miners and coal executives’ center around the question of when will the coal prices return.  Another topic is how bad and unfair Obama's war on coal is.  Another is the loss in coal's market share of electricity generation. Another is th[...]
  • My Response to Congressman McKinley

  • Congressman McKinley: Thanks for responding to my letter.   Naturally I am disappointed that you did not address all of the questions, particularly the two easiest ones.     Are you aware that the Mine Safety and Health Administration is requiring coal companies and miners to idle continuous miner scrubbers and have you looked at the natural gas samples? You also say in your letter that ther[...]
  • Response to Manchin

  • Senator Manchin Friday (May 30) I received a letter from you dated May 13, referencing a letter from me that I delivered to your Charleston office about 50 days ago.    You say in your letter that you are disgusted.   It is not my intent to disgust you.   My efforts are an attempt to improve coal miner safety and to help keep the promise of making sure UBB never happens again.  I am trying to p[...]
  • For the Sake of Our Miners

  • Many of you may have seen the TV ads about the airing of the documentary titled "For The Sake of Our Miners" which is scheduled to appear on WSAZ this Saturday at 7 PM.     The documentary is pretty much like the longer version that is on both my website donblankenship.com and on ubbneveragain.com.    However there is enough new in the TV version that I encourage you to watch it.   It is only 30 m[...]
  • Making UBB Simple for Anyone Who Cares

  • We have now passed one month since I delivered the letter to Senator Manchin and Governor Tomblin asking five basic and simple questions.  The questions in short were: Have you personally looked at the U.B.B. gas samples? What have you done to prevent U.B.B. from happening again? Do you believe you have a responsibility for miner safety? Are you aware MSHA is requiring miner dust scrub[...]
  • Scrubbers

  • Recently I wrote to explain why MSHA (U.S. Government) might have insisted on changing U.B.B's ventilation plan - ubbneveragain.com. Here, I will attempt to explain MSHA's forced idling of continuous miner scrubbers. "Scrubbers" were invented to protect miner's health in the 1970's. They provide multiple advantages for miners. They: Prevent dust from getting in miners lungs by removing it p[...]
  • The Truth Hurts The Untruthful

  • The effort to get the truth out about what really happened at UBB this past month was significantly successful.  However, there is much yet to be done. It’s obvious that Obama’s West Virginia Congressional delegation doesn’t want the truth to be known.  More interesting is that they obviously know the real truth. Just ask yourself, if what I am saying about UBB and MSHA were not true would t[...]